Leistungsstärke gepaart mit Kompaktheit

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Owner Christoph Wagner in front of his mobile impact crusher R700S with screen box and double-functional return / stockpile belt
Rockster impact crusher R700S does a great job for the earthmoving and transport professional Wagner in Tyrol
The company Wagner Erdbau in Tyrol (Austria) is specialized in various types of transport, as well as earth-moving work and demolition. The versatility of the company is shown in its various projects such as the recycling of demolition debris and RAP, gravel preparation, forestry construction and much more. Christoph Wagner and his team have been working with mobile crushers for three years, and one year ago they decided to invest in a Rockster impact crusher.
On site, the R700S Mobile Impact Crusher is used to prepare natural stone which is immediately reused for road construction.
“I was made aware of ROCKSTER's mobile crushers by other companies. For me it is important that the plant is easy to transport and still very powerful," says Christoph Wagner.
Since our jobs often need to be done in a confined spaces and especially in road construction in steep terrain, the crusher must not be too big and heavy. The Rockster impactor R700S is extremely compact and still powerful, the price-performance ratio is also very good. The plant has already performed more than 190 operating hours and I am extremely satisfied with our investment. “ he says.
Thanks to the additional screening system that consists of the compact circular vibrating screen RS73 in combination with the double-functional return-/ stockpile belt RB65, the R700S produces a 100% defined end-product. This is a particular competitive advantage in the fast-growing field of recycling construction waste. Due to the optimal dimensions and the low weight of only 22.80 t, including the screening system, the R700S can be transported quickly and easily from one construction site to the next.

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