Rockster mobiler Prallbrecher R700S bricht Schotter auch in Neuseeland

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Paul Blennerhassett in front of his brand new Rockster R700S processing river gravel to a 0/20 and 0/40mm basecourse final product.

Seit der Übernahme von den Rockster R700S Brechanlage, ist die Firma Delta Contracting LTD nicht mehr auf externe Hersteller angewiesen, um das gewünschte Endprodukt zu erhalten. Neben einem mobilen Sieb und einem Entwässerer, schließt der mobiler Prallbrecher R700S einen Kreis der Agregatproduktion und öffnet sämtliche Tore zu nuene Gelegenheiten und Geschäftserweiterung.

After a long cruise across the globe, first the Atlantic Ocean than Indian Ocean and finally across the Tasmanian See, Rockster’s most compact mobile impact crusher R700S reached its final destination – New Zealand. To be more precise, it needed an extra drive from Auckland´s port to a small town of Ōpōtiki located on the northern coast of the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui). This is home to Delta Contracting Ltd that has purchased the crusher in April of 2021. Founded in 2011 by Paul Blennerhassett (Managing Director) with a staff of only three.
With a lot of work, commitment, and dedication, ten years later the company grew to a motivated team of 30 employees and over $5 million worth of equipment that is at work across the Bay of Plenty, NZ. At the very beginning, Delta Contracting Ltd started on small construction projects, slowly moved to road maintenance and chip sealing, Paul’s area of expertise, and most recently onto bigger endeavors such as aggregate production mainly to service the new harbor entrance at Ōpōtiki.
Currently, Delta Contracting Ltd crushes about 2,500 tons of gravel a month.

R700S completes a cycle for in-house aggregate production

Rockster’s R700S main job at Delta Contracting Ltd is to process river gravel, which is done at a rate of ca. 2500 tonnes per month. The final product is later screened into three different fractions being 20-40mm, 6-20mm and 0-6mm for a concrete or roading aggregate.

“We purchased the crusher for our own operation and to make products for our trucks to deliver and sell. Previously we had to rely on opposition operators to produce product for us. In most cases we have completed the cycle from winning feedstock to crushing to transport to laying on roads or selling to concrete plant operators. Equip2 (Rockster New Zealand Dealer) recommended the R700S, which met our requirements perfectly,” explains Paul.

The crusher is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Volvo Penta engine, powerful RB75 screen box and a return or stockpile belt that can be, when swiveled to the side, used for production of additional final product. Besides previously mentioned, a dust suppression system is also installed at the exit of the crusher chamber and on a main belt. Dust canopy also located on the main belt ensures that the dust pollution is kept to a minimum.

After processing gravel comes chip sealing

Ein weiterer Einsatzbereich der R700S ist die Herstellung von Zuschlagstoffen zur Späneversiegelung. Für diejenigen, die mit dem Verfahren nicht vertraut sind, ist es eine Möglichkeit, die Asphaltstraße instand zu halten, ihre Lebensdauer zu verlängern und die Risse zu versiegeln, ohne die hohen Kosten für die Renovierung zu übernehmen. Zuerst wird eine dünne Schicht flüssigen Asphalts auf die Straße gesprüht, gefolgt von einem feinen Zuschlag oder „Spänen“, in diesem Fall Kies. Überschüssiger Splitt wird entfernt und dann gepresst, um sich mit dem flüssigen Asphalt zu verbinden. Dies ist eine weitere Möglichkeit, den Brecher für eine Vielzahl von Bauprozessen und Projekten einzusetzen, bei denen ein sauberes Aggregat benötigt wird.

Dust canopy over the main belt keeps the dust pollution to a minimum

Optimal transport dimensions

When asked about why Rockster R700S and not any other crusher, Paul responded: “We were looking for an impact crusher with a transport weight under 25 tones and nimble enough to shift from site to site. We are able to transport the R700S on our transport trailers without permits or pilot vehicles so it can be up and running on a new site within a few hours.” As the most compact Rockster impactor, the crusher weighs at 22,8t with the complete Rockster screening system. Its length is only 14,10m, width 2,52m and the height of 3,10m. The transport benefits have been extremely important not only for larger but especially for smaller companies that rely on being independent as well as to satisfy the needs of their customers. Regardless of the terrain, the crusher is extremely easy to load & unload, which makes this impactor very efficient, mobile, and flexible.

R700S, like all Rockster crushers, are known for fast and easy loading and unloading time

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