Rockster continues expansion plans in South America

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The start of a good new business relationship: Owner of Sanymaq Jose Saturnino Barajas, Rockster Country Manager South America Perry Holt and Sanymaq Executive Director Alejandro Valencia.

Tough recycling project in Bogota – R700S crushes metallurgical coke.
The Austrian manufacturer Rockster continues its expansion plans through South America with the signing of Sanymaq, an equipment sales and rental company located in Bogota, Colombia. Sanymaq has 80 employees and an extensive network of sales representatives. Specializing in both the rental and consignment markets, Sanymaq has ventured into unusual recycling projects and recently purchased a Rockster R700S impact crusher.
CEO of Rockster Wolfgang Kormann (2004-2021) and owner of Sanymaq Jose Saturnio Barajas on demonstration tour through Austria
“Our main activity will be relying on Austrian technology to venture into areas where no other Colombian company can compete”, says Jose Saturnino Barajas, owner of Sanymaq. “A new recycling law has been recently passed in congress, which requires all companies in Colombia to reuse and recycle skip and demolition waste”, he adds.

Recycling of metallurgical coke with the R700S

One of the newer projects Sanymaq is working on is the emerging market for recycling of metallurgical coke. There are many smelters and foundries that have never recycled it before and the new law requires them to recycle coke waste.

Currently, Alakona crushes about 5,000 tonnes a month with the R700S impactor.
By using, at first a 2 deck screen to separate the coke, material combined with the Rockster machine as an oversize reducer, Sanymaq is able to get 2 grades of required clean material which. “Two grades of clean cubic material is what we were looking for, so we can sell the aggregate for road base material”, says Barajas. The metallurgic plant gets the recuperated metal fraction which is also paid to Sanymaq at per tonnage price to reuse in their smeltering process.
Rockster Country Manager for South America, Perry Holt, holds a before and after material reduced in just 1 pass by a Rockster crusher R700S.

Duplex-system for crushing river stones

Rockster also has another crusher in operation in Colombia, a R900/800 Duplex machine situated along the Pan-American highway supplying an asphalt plant. “This project is currently recuperating river stone where the nearest quarry is 50 kilometers away, so the need for aggregate sourcing using large river stones is a viable solution”, says Alejandro Valencia Executive Director for Sanymaq.
By using the Rockster system of two machines in one, first the jaw to reduce size and create a stock of material, then changing over with the same machine to an impactor to get cubic material, the complete supply of aggregate for the asphalt plant is covered.

Shown here the before and after recycled smeltered coke now clean and ready for an array of applications in road construction.
“Many opportunities are opening up now that we have been working with the machine and it has been a learning process, both educating our clients as to recycling possibilities and convincing them to open up their doors to new modes of business. We are also exploring various recycling possibilities throughout Colombia, as things are just getting started here”, says Alejandro Valencia.

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