Rockster Impactor R700S in airy heights!

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Use of mobile crushing technology at a sea level of 2800 meters / 9.200 feet
Use of mobile crushing technology at a sea level of 2800 meters / 9.200 feet
The company Richard Grüner GmbH from Tyrol is currently doing maintenance and repair work at the foot of the glacier „Tiefenbach“ in the ski resort Sölden / Hochsölden. This was one of the reasons why they invested in a new impact crusher R700S from the Austrian manufacturer Rockster Recycler.
It is a very robust machine with compact transport measurements and low dust as well as exhaust emission. The perfect crusher for a challenging jobsite on a sea level of 2,800 m / 9.200 ft where it’s used to process asphalt for the local owner of the lifts and funiculars „Ötztaler Gletscherbahn GmbH“.
“It is essential to work fast and efficient in the very few summer months when the glacier is accessible”, says Richard Grüner. “The low air pressure and oxygen were a big challenge for man and machine, working on a sea level of almost 3000 m is just not the same as in flat terrain,” he says. “The Rockster crusher did a very good job. Due to its closed-circuit crushing system with a screen box and return belt, it produced a 100% optimum final end-product of 0-22mm.”

The asphalt below the glacier Tiefenbach before renovation work

The only way to reach the jobsite, on the glacier, was to take a serpentine road. This was not a problem at all for the compact machine. The low weight and optimum transport dimensions were an important purchasing aspect for Grüner and the R700S can be brought to their construction sites in the high alpine areas in a short period of time.

After the end of the season, Richard Grüner and his team mainly use the R700S for crushing demolition waste, which is later on reused in various construction projects as a valuable building material.

Richard Grüner with his son in front of their R700S

The new impact crusher R700S has been a very important investment for the future of Richard Grüner GmbH. After 6 months of operation, the impact crusher has proved to be an invaluable asset to the company. Thanks to the optional screening system that consists of the vibrating screen RS73 in combination with the double-functional return-/ stockpile belt RB65, the R700S provides a 100% defined final material. Through a simple lever movement, the return belt can be used as stockpile belt to produce an additional end-fraction. In the rapidly growing area of demolition waste recycling, this flexibility and high quality end-product are important competitive advantages. The track-mounted R700S has been specially developed for applications where space is limited - such as in the case of inner-city construction sites or challenging transport routes. Due to the optimal dimensions and low weight, the R700S can be transported quickly and easily from one construction site to the next. For the company Grüner, it is the perfect combination of compactness with maximum performance and it allows them flexibility when it comes to recycling asphalt, concrete and other demolition debris, as well as processing of natural stone.

Another reason for purchasing the R700S has been easy maintenance and optimum accessibility for all service and repair work. The large openings allow for optimal ventilation of the engine bay and cooling unit. The engine is located in the rear of the machine and is sound-proofed, which is a big advantage when crushing in the city.
Richard Grüner mit Sohn vor „seinem“ R700S
With more than 35 employees in Tyrol's Ötztal, Grüner’s investment is also an important step in entering a new business. Construction waste recycling and landfilling of defined fractions for reuse in the construction sector is a growing industry. “It helps to protect natural resources and save money,” Grüner is convinced. “However, politicians and the Austrian law should make more effort in establishing appropriate directives to better support this burgeoning industry.”

Richard Grüner with his son in front of their R700S

The track-mounted R700S with a dust protection on the main belt in front of the Alpine panorama

Rockster Recycler offers modern solutions for optimal performance that are compact, powerful and easy to use. The following maxim applies to all Rockster products:

“Our standard equipment already includes most of the options.”

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