Time to raise the bar and start crushing with Rockster R1000S 

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At a recycling center in Fellbach, the Rockster R1000S crushes ca. 150 t/h of construction waste down to 0-60mm end-product.
At the beginning of 2021, Gerhard Off GmbH, from Fellbach in Baden-Württemberg has decided to invest in the 30-tonne R1000S impactor after 10 years of crushing with a Rockster R900. Due to a growing business that demands a more powerful machine it was easy to decide what is the next step to take. Because of a proximity to Schlei & Birkert, a Rockster Dealer for South Germany, and a decade long crushing experience with a Rockster, the new R1000S was the perfect fit.
With a small team of 15 employees and more than 45 years of history, Gerhard Off GmbH located in the Stuttgart area has built a name for himself for all things regarding recycling, demolition, sewer work, paving and excavation works. As specialist in their business, the brand new state-of-the-art Rockster R1000S is primarily used for recycling of construction waste and concrete at Off’s own recycling center. It will also play a major role to expand the contract crushing business since the transport of the crusher does not require any special permits and will be easily transported between job sites.
Sandor Schlei (links) und Benedikt Birkert (rechts) sind Schlei & Birkert Aufbereitungsanlagen Service GmbH

Fast and reliable customer service

Reliable aftersales is one of the most important factors in the construction industry simply because downtime is costly and can impact the bottom line. After the business started to grow, Gerhard Off GmbH have known that they could rely on Schlei & Birkert Aufbereitungungsanlagen Service GmbH when it came to servicing their Rockster crusher. For a suggestion on a more powerful crusher that will meet their increasing workload, it was easy for Sandor to offer the most advanced Rockster R1000S that has the same important features as R900 (easy transport, fast loading and unloading time) yet with a lot more performance in the crushing chamber. “We can always rely on Schlei & Birkert. They are at our place the same day and the regular maintenance or service is done smoothly. If we need spare parts, they are shipped immediately so there is no down time. When it comes to owning a crusher or any other construction machine, reliable customer service is one of the top priorities to take into consideration and we are extremely happy to have Sandor nearby”, says Bernd Off.

Hydraulisch klappbares Hauptband macht den Transport der R1000S mühelos. Keine Transportgenehmigungen, schnelle Be- und Entladezeiten erleichtern die Arbeit.

Increased mobility and effortless transport

Because Gerhard Off GmbH has had Rockster’s R900 for such a long time and knows how mobile they are by transporting the crusher with their own flatbed truck, the same was expected from R1000S. With a hydraulically foldable main belt, the crusher’s length is only 10,10m. The width is mere 2,55m, height 3,20m, and weight at 30,4 t, which makes it one of the most compact and versatile crushers on the market in its weight class. Because the contract business has been on a rise, having such a mobile track-mounted crusher like R1000S, is of great importance to meet customer demands. “We know how easy it was to transport R900 and with the new crusher it has been the same. Loaded within minutes, no transport permits and ready to hit the road. We are able to keep the flexibility of the R900 and receive higher performance,” says Off. Aside from effortless transport, a numerous R1000S features, such as vertically liftable engine compartment doors, swiveling catwalk have played a crucial role to minimize maintenance time and make it a lot easier for the mechanics. “The crusher is designed with accessibility in mind. The way the openings are constructed, and access points made, it sure is a dream for any service technician. We have been in business for quite some time and reducing service and/or maintenance time is reduced to a minimum has always been an important factor in the industry,” explains Off.

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