The first Rockster impactor from the new headquarters is already in action

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Valuable final products are obtained with the impact crusher R1000S and the scalping screen RSS410 working side to side.
The first impact crusher, R1000S from the new ROCKSTER HQ in Neumarkt in Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) is already working hard in Styria. Together with the Rockster scalping screen RSS410, the duo proves to be an extremely efficient combination in the processing of rubble and natural stone.
Since 1994, Hopf Bagger KG from Gaal (Austria) specializes in earthworks and forestry work. Ten years ago, the company was handed over to the next generation and since then, Martin Hopf has been the CEO and main driving force with behind his small yet efficient team. The existing business areas have been expanded and additional segments like pipeline construction as well as the processing of building waste and natural stone were further developed.

Already on the 2nd day of crushing, a horse shoe was removed by a magnetic separator - it can only be a sign of good luck.

23 new building plots

A current large-scale project by Hopf and his team is an area of 2.4 hectare that was redesigned two years ago and is now being parceled out and prepared for 23 building plots for single-family and semi-detached houses. All dredging and construction work is done with the company's own equipment. The Rockster Scalping Screen RSS410, which has been in use at Hopf since November 2018, has already been a valuable asset for this project. "Thanks to the mobile screener, we can process all the excavated material from the construction site and repurpose it again immediately. We use all generated fractions: the 32/60 and 16/32 roll gravel for drainage, 8/16 material as channel chippings and the fine material 0/8 as cable sand. We do not have to transport and dispose the material, nor do we need new raw material. This saves us a lot of time and money and also protects the environment, " says Martin Hopf.

The RSS410 is very flexible, it can be either used as pre-screener or classifying screener.

Crusher and screener are a powerful duo

"It has always been my philosophy to recycle the excavated or demolished material from our construction sites and to reuse it on site. Our two Rockster machines enable us to do exactly that. So far, we've been using rental equipment, but with my own fleet, I'm a lot more flexible, which has been a concern for me for a long time," says Martin Hopf. In mid-November, he was handed over the very first impact crusher from the new Rockster factory in Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) and was immediately impressed by the smooth commissioning and excellent crushing performance of the R1000S. "Although we are crushing extremely rough gravel here, the cubic end material that we get with the crusher is perfect. We are still in the initial phase and will continue to test all setting parameters, but at the first day of operation, we were crushing 138 tonnes per hour to 0 / 32mm. This is an astounding performance," says Martin Hopf with excitement.

from left: Operator Markus Leitold, Norbert Feichtinger (Rockster Sales Manager), CEO Martin Hopf, Reinhard Martinelli (Rockster Sales Austria) and operator Andreas Puster.

New source of income - enter the Contractor business with a Rockster crusher

For Martin Hopf, the compactness of the R1000S Impact Crusher is particularly important. He can transport it with his own truck, which brings maximum flexibility. This plays a major role in the newly targeted contractor business. "This machine is in the optimum performance class for contract crushing and it can be used in natural stone processing as well as for recycling of demolition waste. The height-adjustable magnetic separator helps to remove iron. The screen box is mounted quickly, so you can meet a variety of customer requirements. The belt scale ensures an easy and correct billing. In combination with the scalping screen we have, we can generate 3 precisely defined fractions in a single operation," says Hopf.

A sophisticated crusher with excellent engine access

The Rockster double-apron design and the 2 deck pre-screen system was exactly what convinced Martin Hopf that R1000S is the optimal machine for his company. "The R1000S is a well-designed and finely constructed machine that can optimize the crushing process with ease and great accuracy. The engine compartment is easily accessible, and the components are not too complicated, “he says. Rockster sales manager Norbert Feichtinger adds: "During the development of each Rockster crusher, we put great effort and importance to engine accessibility. If the engine is easily accessible, maintenance will be easier. It will be done regularly and most importantly – it’s cost effective. All of these add to the longevity of our machines where quality is our nr.1 priority.”

With a 70mm-mesh in the crusher screen box and the RSS410 as a classifying screen, Hopf produces three following fractions 32/60, 16/32 and 0/16.

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