Steirer Abbruchspezialist Fix Recycling setzt auf Rockster Brecher

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On 28,000 m² company’s own center, high-quality materials such as asphalt, concrete and brick aggregate are produced strict conditions.
The number of demolition projects has been increasing steadily over the years, and the disposal of construction waste has become more and more expensive. The next logical step for Martin Meier Erdbau from Velburg, in the Upper Palatinate area of Germany, was the purchase of a mobile crusher so the demolition material could be recycled anywhere and at any time.
Partl is a well-known name in southern Styria and has stood for honesty, reliability and a commitment to ecological responsibility for decades. As a result, the traditional construction company “Partl Bau GmbH”, which was founded in 1950 by Josef Partl senior now employs close to 200 people. Together with Reichl Schrott GmbH, Fix Recycling GmbH it has been successfully ran by Josef Partl Jr. since 2006. Fix Recycling specializes in demolition and processing and recycling of construction waste such as concrete and brick. At the company’s own ground, which measures at around 28,000 m², Fix Recycling also processes asphalt, which is later sold to road builders and pavers.
Machine handover on the Fix Recycling site in Vogau, from left to right Georg Fuchsberger (Haberl Construction Machinery), Josef Partl (Fix Recycling operations manager) and Anton Jurkovic (Fix Recycling machinist).

Quality recycling with the Rockster R900 impact crusher

Josef Partl Jr. has been responsible for the processing of asphalt and construction waste carried out until last year with various rental crushers, including Rockster's impact crusher R1100 and R900. “By renting crushers for years, I was able to test different machines from different brands and found exactly the right machine for our requirements. At the end of this summer we bought a new R900 with a Tier4f engine from Haberl Baumaschinen. In my opinion, the big advantage of Rockster is the 2 hydraulically adjustable crushing aprons and the continuously adjustable crusher speed, which allows the final end product to be optimally defined. What I particularly like about Rockster crushers is the well thought-out outlet height between the crusher outlet and the main belt. It is higher than with other manufacturers and significantly helps to minimize blockages. Thanks to the main belt protection, the material is not thrown directly onto the belt with full force, but rather hits the layer of material on the Hardox wear plate and thus protects the main conveyor belt,” says Josef Partl about his decision to choose Rockster.

Fix Recycling specializes in the professional demolition of buildings and processing of construction waste.

Fair billing creates good customer relationships

For Josef Partl Jr. accuracy is very important; in Fix-Recycling's electronic data management system, every material movement and processing is meticulously recorded. “Everything has to be measured and transparent; we don’t estimate the material that has been delivered or processed. This also enables me to calculate a more precise and very fair hourly rate for contract crushing work,” says Partl. He has equipped his Rockster crusher with a weighing system and can therefore easily offer his customers an hourly rate per ton. Regardless of the time required, the customer pays for exactly the amount of final material that has been crushed.

At the customer's request, Fix-Recycling sets up the R900 to precisely produce defined end-product.

Mobility is becoming increasingly important

Processing on site at the customer’s premises is also becoming more and more common. It is important to us to be able to transport the crushing plant to the customer's construction site and process and reuse the material on-site. This saves truck trips and disposal costs,” says Partl. In combination with Partl Bau, the company covers an enormous range of services from the construction to the disposal of buildings.
“We have been using Rockster since the beginning of this year and are very satisfied. I would particularly like to emphasize the throughput and the good support from Haberl Baumaschinen and his team,” says Josef Partl Jr.

Fix Recycling uses Rockster R900 impact crusher to produce high-quality recycling material with a certified CE mark.

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