The Rockster Impactor R900 Meets Exactly the Require-ments of its New Belgian Customer

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The Rockster impactor R900 generates very stable and constant output thanks to the hydrostatic drive system.
A reliable, flexible and compact crusher without too much electronics and high output was Michiels’ demand for their new crushing plant.
Grondwerken Geert Michiels started their business in 1993 and are specialized in earthmoving, demolition and recycling of C&D waste. They work mainly in the region of East-Flanders and Flemish Brabant (North of Brussels). The company owns four sites Flanders, where they recycle C&D waste and store materials and machines. The recycled material is mostly delivered to construction contractors that are working for cities and municipalities.
Recycled 0/40 mm C&D material is primarily required by Michiels’ customers.

The brothers Geert and Philippe Michiels have lots of experience with crushers, they knew exactly what they wanted to buy.

Bart Hebbrecht, CEO of Twin Trading - Rockster’s Belgian dealer - sold the new crusher to the entrepreneurs, he says: “I had some conversations with Michiels to identify their needs, and we all were very fast convinced that the Rockster impact crusher R900 is exactly the right crusher for them. It is a flexible machine, hydrostatic driven, no unnecessary frills and electronics, just crushing!”

Easy and quick production of perfectly defined grain

With their new R900 crusher they produce mainly 0-40mm final grain, used for road construction and different base layers. With the screening system mounted directly on their R900 crushing plant it’s easy for Michiels to produce 100% defined final grain in a single work process. That was a very important factor for their purchasing decision.

Filip Michiels, Bart Hebbrecht & Geert Michiels (fltr) when commissioning the Rockster R900 impact crusher at their main recycling site in Schendelbeke (Belgium).

Well proven technology guarantees reliability and helps reducing costs

Another essential feature for Michiels to be convinced of the R900 was the easy adaptation of the rotor speed, so they can optimally adjust their required screening curve and easily produce exactly the grain they need. Moreover, the hydrostatic drive guarantees a constant crushing performance and the diesel engine stays within the optimum speed range. This helps reducing the diesel consumption per ton of produced material significantly. Besides, this drive system needs no clutch, which eliminates the wear costs.
Darüber hinaus garantiert der hydrostatische Antrieb eine konstante Brechleistung und der Dieselmotor bleibt im optimalen Drehzahlbereich. Dies trägt dazu bei, den Dieselverbrauch pro Tonne produzierten Materials deutlich zu reduzieren. Außerdem benötigt dieses Antriebssystem keine Kupplung, wodurch die Verschleißkosten dafür entfallen.

Bart Hebbrecht says: “These new Rockster customers are totally satisfied with their R900 crusher, and I am convinced that we shall have a lot more happy owners of Rockster machines within this year, because good references like the Michiels are the best way of promotion.”

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