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Demolition waste and RAP with a volume of ~ 400,000 m³ is recycled at the Neuberger landfill. The final material is a CE-certified high-quality aggregate.
Neuberger produces the most optimal aggregate with Rockster’s crushing and screening equipment.
According to the motto "We move mountains!" Alfred Neuberger and his team set benchmarks with almost every new project. The company which has 22 employees is specialized in a variety of fields such as demolition, recycling, landfill, earthworks, slope construction, etc., and it has a considerable fleet of construction machinery. Since the '60s the family owns a large gravel pit in Ehrwald and for recycling of construction waste and RAP the company has a landfill with a volume of 400,000 m³. "Since 2012 we use a Rockster scalping screen RSS49, mainly in our gravel pit. Until this summer we regularly rented crushing plants from Haberl Construction machinery, but we decided to buy our own R900 Impact Crusher," says owner Alfred Neuberger. With the crushing plant they mainly recycle demolition waste, concrete, asphalt, as well as natural stone such as limestone.
Recycling of RAP in front of the most beautiful mountain scenery and a view of Germany's highest mountain, the ‘Zugspitze’.

Decision for new R900

"We had been renting Rockster crushers from Haberl Construction Machinery for years and are convinced of the performance of the R900 impactor. The new Volvo engine with emissions standard is running even more smoothly and the fuel consumption decreased by about 15% compared to the older machine. Especially the consumption per ton is really impressive," says the entrepreneur. Main fields of operation for the mobile Rockster crusher is recycling of demolition waste and concrete to 0-63 mm for material base in road construction or backfills in building construction, as well as recycling of RAP or natural stone processing.

Recycling of asphalt to 0-16mm with a Rockster R900 crushers and the scalping screen RSS49.

Current Project

To reconstruct the tunnel portal ‘Lermoos’ the road top layer was milled off and resurfaced. Neuberger and his team recycle the old asphalt and crush it to valuable grain with 0-16 mm in A + quality for road construction.

Producing 0-16 mm recycled asphalt on Neuberger‘s landfill in Ehrwald.

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