R1100d impactor producing high-quality aggregate in Riyadh

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Team of machine operators along with Rockster’s service technician, Bernhard Stiebitzhofer

The future King Salman Park, a symbol of sustainable urban development, is making strides towards its realization. One key element of this endeavor is the utilization of reliable European technology, such as of Rockster’s R1100d mobile impact crusher, to recycle limestone at the construction site, marking a significant leap towards environmentally responsible construction practices. Rockster service technician, Bernhard Stiebitzhofer has travelled to hand over the crusher and gave a detailed two-day training workshop for the machine operators.

As a versatile and efficient machine, the R1100d has arrived in Riyadh in September of 2023. It is designed to crush and recycle on-site not only construction materials, but also asphalt, concrete as well as natural stone. In the case of the King Salman Park project, limestone is being recycled to create a strong foundation for various structures within the park. This not only minimizes the need for new raw materials but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional construction practices.

Rockster impact crusher R1100d with a screening system crushing limestone and producing high-quality cubic aggregate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The limestone feeding size is <550mm and the final product <38mm

The R1100d is powered by a 380HP CAT C9.3 engine, a strong circular screen box as well as a double-functional return- or stockpile belt, which enables a 100% production of defined final-end product. Weighing at only 38t, the crusher is transported between job sites with ease as well as put into operation within 10 minutes from the time of unloading. The crusher rotor is powered by a hydrostatic drive, which enables the engine to be in optimal rpm mode and the crushing process to be finely adjusted depending on the material that is being processed.

Rockster Benefits

On-Site RecyclingThe crusher enables immediate recycling of construction materials, eliminating the need for off-site transportation.

Resource EfficiencyBy reusing limestone, the project minimizes the demand for new raw materials, promoting sustainability.

Cost-EffectiveRecycling materials on-site reduces construction costs, aligning with Riyadh's commitment to economic viability. The crusher itself has large engine compartment openings making it extremely accessible when it comes to service and maintenance.

R1100d impact crusher is also equipped with a side conveyor and a magnetic separator. Both come as a standard package.

The booming branch of recycling

As the King Salman Park project embraces the Rockster R1100d crusher, it mirrors a larger trend in the booming branch of recycling within the construction industry. Neom, The Line or Sindalah are just a few Megaprojects where production of a quality aggregate plays an important role. With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, recycling technologies are transforming the way projects are conceived and executed. From urban developments to infrastructure projects, the surge in recycling-centric approaches underscores a collective commitment to a greener, more environmentally conscious future. This thriving sector not only fosters innovation but also reinforces the notion that responsible construction practices are integral to shaping a resilient and sustainable world for generations to come.

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