Over a half-million mark and still counting

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About 1300 tonnes of recycled asphalt 0/22mm are produced at Urschitz on average, per day, and is used primarily for road construction.

Seit 2016 leistet der Rockster Prallbrecher R1100DS wertvolle Dienste in der Asphalt-, Bauschutt- & Kiesaufbereitung bei der Firma Urschitz in Kärnten und hat mittlerweile 500.000 Tonnen Material produziert.
From the former one-man business with a horse-drawn milk buggy in 1929, Bruno Urschitz GmbH from Finkenstein (Austria) grew into a progressive family business with over 170 employees. This development is impressive and, according to company owner Bruno Urschitz, it is ultimately the result of a well-rehearsed and motivated team combined with a state-of-the-art fleet of trucks, excavators and construction machinery. "Whether sand, gravel, grit or humus - we are the right partner for all kinds of construction projects," says Urschitz. The continuous growth of the company is also reflected in the wide range of services ranging from transport, earthmoving, recycling or gravel pits to their own filling station.
CEO Bruno Urschitz, operator Mario Dreier, Rockster marketing Anita Gerstmayr and Rockster sales manager Norbert Feichtinger in front of the Rockster R1100DS.
Use of the return belt as stockpile belt to produce a further fraction

Ingenious screening system was a deciding point

Because of the increasing demand for smaller product sizes in 2015, especially in road construction, where an asphalt fine planing material of 0/16 or 0/22 is preferred, Bruno Urschitz decided to purchase a new crusher. "My focus was on the R1100DS, but the screen surface was too small for me. Rockster has therefore designed a new screen box with 3100 x 1350mm, so even with product size below 22mm, we can achieve a good throughput. I especially like the stockpile function of the return belt. Because of it, we produce two fractions in one pass, which we use above all in the gravel pit. In addition, I can transport the machine with the screening system without extra hassle and since we use the machine 70% on site, cost effective transport and low weight play an important role," says Urschitz.

We don’t want to give it away. This one’s a keeper“ – says Mario Dreier about his Rockster R1100DS, which is in use at Urschitz all year.

R1100DS impact crusher for asphalt recycling

Rockster crusher shows its strengths especially in the recycling of asphalt and demolition debris. Mario Dreier has been working with the machine since the first minute and is still very passionate: "I crush 80% asphalt with the Rockster crusher and have now reached about 4,000 operating hours. Because the bitumen in the asphalt becomes very sticky in the heat, I have to wash the cooler and the hydraulics after every third job. Of course, asphalt is generally a burden on the machine and the fine asphalt dust settles everywhere. But our Rockster does not let us down. For the most part, customers want 0 / 22mm final product and for this size our impactor produces on average 140t of final material per hour with a feed size of 0/600 mm on average and a fuel consumption of well below 40l / h. I mean, these are reasonable values. "

Asphalt fine planing material is mainly requested in 0/16 and 0 / 22mm

Ready for the job in 11 minutes

Mario Dreier does not only transport his crusher with his truck, he is also operating the excavator. "From unloading the machine to the first bucket, it takes exactly 11 minutes. If I have to readjust the crushing gap, add 4 minutes more. If a customer wants several product sizes, I change the meshes in no time thanks to the lowerable main belt and the quick-change system. So you can really be fast and efficient at work. That’s what I really enjoy when working with the R1100DS. If, for example, an iron part gets stuck between the main belt and the magnetic separator, I just lower the main belt and it’s right there. This function is very useful," says the operator.

Crushing 10,000 m³ of hard highway concrete to 0/32 at a capacity of 200-220t / h.

Rockster R1100DS in operation during the construction of the eastern tube of the Karawanken Tunnel.

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