R700S - Crushing Metallurgic

Rockster continues expansion plans in South America

Rockster-Impact-Crusher R700S Crushing-Metallurgic-Coke ColombiaTough recycling project in Bogota – R700S crushes hard metallurgic coke

The new Colombian Rockster dealer Sanymaq, specializing in both the rental and consignment markets, has ventured into some very interesting recycling projects and purchased a Rockster impact crusher R700S recently.

“Our main activity will be relying on Austrian technology to venture into areas where no other Colombian company can compete”, says Mr. Jose Saturnino Barajas, owner of Sanymaq.

“There has been a new recycling law just signed in congress which requires all companies in Colombia to reuse and recycle skip and demolition waste”, he adds.

Rockster-Impact-Crusher R700S Crushing-Metallurgic-Coke Colombia 2Rockster-Impact-Crusher R700S Crushing-Metallurgic-Coke Colombia 3Recycling of metallurgic coke with the R700S

One of the newer projects Sanymaq is working on is the emerging metallurgic coke recycling markets. There are many smelters and foundries that have never recycled before and the new law is requiring them to recycle coke waste.

By using at first a 2 deck screen to separate the coke material combined with the Rockster machine as an oversize reducer, Sanymaq is able to get 2 grades of clean material which is required.

“Two grades of clean cubic material is what we were looking for, so we can sell the aggregate for road base material”, says Barajas.

The metallurgic plant gets the recuperated metal fraction which is also paid to Sanymaq a per tonnage price to reuse in their smeltering process.